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Indeed, very few people realize this, but an Iranian military unit has shot lower a U . s . States UAV, plus they appear at first sight now ready to shoot lower more, delivering shock waves with the worldwide community. Obama of Iran, Ahmendinejad, smiled as reporters requested him incident, but didn't talk about the key operation. Now the simple truth is gradually being released within the global media. Do not forget to visit our website and view 1000's of air force pictures.
There is a fascinating piece in SpaceWar Online News on This summer 20, 2011 published towards the UAV section entitled "US, Iran Spar Over Downed Drone Claim: by Staff Authors in Tehran (UPI). Anyway, you might have heard that Iran claimed to possess shot lower an american CIA Surveillance UAV.
"A senior Iranian legislator and devout Muslim of with Kurdish along with a strong Jewish family ancestry and ties towards the former KGB is claiming that his country downed a U.S. spy drone overflying the Fordo nuclear enrichment plant in Iran's Qom province in central Iran. Washington is denying the allegations, Fars news agency reported Wednesday."
Okay so, did this really occur? Yes, however i think I ought to explain. The thing is, apparently, the Iranian military continues to be practicing with unmanned toy handheld remote control aircraft purchased from a modeling plane package from the US Company, that was includes components produced in India, the united states, and China and offered in Dubai. They'd colored it vibrant fluorescent colors produced from pigment from swine elevated in Denmark, and chemically included Israel. Their tests were transported out for 14 days.
Every day the Iranian military tried to shoot lower the toy model, but were not able throughout their war games, so within the final week, they travelled the aircraft at 'abnormal' amounts lower to 100-ft as slow because they could without stalling the aircraft, and permitted school women to make use of the handheld remote control to own Quds special forces and top Iranian marksmen a fighting chance. Still no luck, so other family members ., 144 expert marksmen set on the floor in 12 rows of 12 and fired upright in to the air because the school girl travelled the American made toy model plane over their heads at approximately 40-50 ft altitude.
Among the expert riflemen could hit the aircraft and cripple it. Once the girl introduced it directly into land everything was going good before the last second when she crashed it to the runway. The Iranian top general in-control of the mission exercise known as it "SuccessfulInch and claimed they'd effectively shot lower a UAV. So, the truth is the news report is partly correct. It had been a united states toy brand even though it wasn't of the united states Military or CIA.
It was a toy bought in Dubai. In intelligence circles this story is known. When Hugo Chavez heard the news he was overjoyed and wishes to duplicate this exercise and shoot one of these simple toys lower on the very first day since they now understand how. I will tell you this, America is within big trouble, because these rouge nations' militaries are actually finding out how to defend themselves. It's amazing their advances in military tactics. Please consider all of this and think onto it. We have a wide variety of navy photos, do not forget to visit our website today!
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